How do I get the F12 options key to work?

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How do I get the F12 options key to work?

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I am new to BOB 2 and am flying around and stuff. I wanted to make an options change without quiting my flight and so I pressed the F12 key. But nothing happened? This key is suppose to allow you to access "in game" options? How do I get this key to work? Thanks.

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I think this was disabled with one of the later updates, as pressing F12 could frequently give a crash to desktop. I'd guess you can't re-enable it, but wouldn't swear to that.
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Sorry, but we had to remove that feature as it was very unstable :(. So, for now you will have to change options before entering the mission.

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Also be advised that you should exit from the game any time you make changes in the options menu. Because any changes you make will not save until you exit the game. So if you make changes but then have a CTD while flying your changes will not stick.


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