OT: spitfire rebuild Y2K

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OT: spitfire rebuild Y2K

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So, many years ago, there was a spitfire being rebuilt at Comox airport, Vancouver Island, which I visited a few times,
and threw a few bucks at. I also posted here about it, as there was always interest in spit and hurri restorations amongst
the patrons here. At one point the work got stalled from lack of funds, then arrangements were made to ship
it to Quebec where a team at a warbirds museum took over the work. I followed for a while on their webpage, but
forgot about it, when retirement loomed and I headed off somewhat unexpectedly to the tundra. Anyway,doing some
unrelated websearching today, I stumbled on a page relating how the restoration had been completed (restoration here
as often with these aircraft is a liberal use of the term, sometimes the only original parts left could fit in a shoebox).
It seems only months after I left for points northeast and the land of 6 month winters, The completed machine returned
to Comox in the air. Alas. Oh, well, here, enjoy the story and pix:

https://www.mypowellrivernow.com/15229/ ... ox-valley/

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