Aircraft Factory Avro 504K Released

The most produced aircraft that served in World War I
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Aircraft Factory Avro 504K Released

Post stiz »

The Avro 504k is out now, you can get it in the store here ... c19e5b0f93

I'd just like to thank all those who helped in the making of it, and i hope you all enjoy this special aircraft :)

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Re: Out now!

Post Scott - A2A »

Another great aircraft from a great team, Stephen "Stiz" Barstow and Łukasz "Lucas" Kubacki. We're very pleased to have their high quality projects with us.

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Re: Out now!

Post lucas »

This is an iconic plane. While making it, we kept in mind that we have now a 100th anniversary of World War I. Altough it served over the fronts during the first years of the conflict, it became the standard training plane of the RFC (and later RAF) for many, many years.
We had real fun while making this plane. Along the package, you should get a paintkit, extra paint scheme pack and ... the scenery of Hamble aerodrome where Avro 504's were manufactured. This will be a freeware addition and we are going to finish it very soon.
As the plane was used worldwide, I hope that there will be many colorful schemes from the repainters. There are many resurces online, so there is plenty to do :)

In this place, I'd like to thank Stephen, Scott, Lewis, Rob, Empeck (A2A Michał), Some1, Gary Jones, John Cagle, IanP and all the testers who spent their time flying the plane and expressed their opinions.
Have fun and blues skies! If you will have any questions regarding the plane, we are here to help.


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Re: Out now!

Post Lewis - A2A »

Great job guys. It a true iconic aircraft and very much fun to fly in he virtual skies!
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Re: Aircraft Factory Avro 504K Released

Post midnabreu »

Congratulations lucas and team.

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Re: Aircraft Factory Avro 504K Released

Post CodyValkyrie »

I love this plane. :D

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Re: Aircraft Factory Avro 504K Released

Post Nachtflieger »

Just bought it recently. I like twins, nice to tool around to check out the scenery.

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