Avro 504 Tips & Tricks

The most produced aircraft that served in World War I
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Avro 504 Tips & Tricks

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1. Remember about setting the fuel selector to one of the tanks. The lever is on the left side of the cockpit and by default is always off.
2. You can use the blip switch by pressing "/" key. Do not engage it for too long, otherwise the engine will shut down.
3. Diving above 110 kts and full throttle is dangerous to your engine. Better reduce throttle and watch the rpms. Generally, keep them below 1450 rpm.
4. You can swing the prop by clicking on it or by pressing the button on the 2D panel (shift + 3)
5. Be careful on take off, move the stick forward to raise your tail. Stall speed is about 40 mph
6. Try to enter a stall, fall in spin and then recover from it :) Remember to have at least 1500 feet!
7. Use lots of rudder to coordinate your turns. The plane (except the float version) did not have a V-stab.
8. Tech: The plane was designed to work in FSX SP2/Acceleration/Gold, but it also works in the P3D.

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