Ideas for Avro 504 flights

The most produced aircraft that served in World War I
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Ideas for Avro 504 flights

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while having fun with the Avro 504, I'd like to suggest couple of semi-historical flights:

1. From Manston (EGMH), Great Britain - to Amiens (LFAY), France

This is the re-creation of a historical Channel crossing of the Royal Air Corps squadrons on the 13th of August 1914. About 50 planes performed that flight going to support British Expeditionary Force together with Belgian and French troops which were fighting with advancing German army.

2. From Chaux (LFGG), France - through Friedrichshafen (EDNY) /stay airborne!/, Germany - to Chaux (LFGG), France

This would be a re-creation of a historical mission from 21st November 1914 when four Avro 504's took off with bombs to attack Zeppelin works. The mission was successful. Various installations, including hydrogen plant were hit. One plane was shot down and lost.

If you will have more ideas, please share them here!

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Re: Ideas for Avro 504 flights

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Thanks for that Lucas.

I bought this one earlier and tried a couple of circuits but its great to get some ideas of flights to try :)

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