gravity tank

The most produced aircraft that served in World War I
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gravity tank

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looked in manual didnt see when would one use the gravity tank and is that it on top of wing?

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Re: gravity tank

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yup the gravity tank is the object on the top wing, as to when it was used, it was just used when needed! Things werent as strict back then :)

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Re: gravity tank

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Many WW1 planes used two tanks. One, the main one located behind the engine or sometimes under the pilot's seat. The second one was installed mostly in the center upper wing.
The planes had a fuel tank selector which usually had four settings: OFF, Gravity Tank, Main to Gravity and Main Tank. Sometimes, like in French SPAD 7 and 13 the fuel from the main tank was transferred from the main tank through gravity tank and then to the engine. Gravity tank was used as a spare one or for the engine start (fuel used gravity to go to the engine since the tank was above the engine position in vertical) and then, when the plane had a speed and the engine driven or anemometer driven fuel pump was working, the pilot could switch the selector to the main tank.

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Re: gravity tank

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Thanks for that. I'd assumed that it was an odd-shaped gun :)

I'd seen the fuel selector but not bothered beyond turning it on.....

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