Avro 504K rotary engine cylinder rotation and sound suggesti

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Avro 504K rotary engine cylinder rotation and sound suggesti

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I hope these comments are taken in a constructive way because the overall rendering of the 504K has been done very well.

One of the things that I have always found wanting when rotary engines are modelled is how this is done in FSX. FSX has a limitation in that it shows modelled cylinders that strobe unrealistically slow. I have seen the 504K many times at the Shuttleworth airfield in the UK and in reality the cylinders are blurred for nearly all revs. See the rotary engine runs in the videos below, which use a camera with a relatively high scan rate, even though there is some remanent strobing. (The strobing that is seen in videos of actual rotary engines depends on the scan rate of the particular camera -consumer HD cameras are the worst!)

(start at 1.26 into video)

and also this:

(start at 3.27 into the video)

The way I modelled blurring some years ago on a Sopwith Pup rotary array was to simply get a radial blur texture of the cylinders and invoke that in the model when the engine revs up and allow the blurred texture to rotate at the FSX rotation speed. Also re the engine sound on the AF 504K model does not seem quite like the actual edgy splutter the Le Rhone rotary engine produces (I know I’m fussy )


The doco says a 110 hp (80 kW), but leaves out that it this would have been a 82kW Le Rhône 9J engine which what has been modelled not a Gnome.

- Otherwise a nicely rendered Avro 504K and a nice addition to my AF & A2A fleet.

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Re: Avro 504K rotary engine cylinder rotation and sound sugg

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Thanks, Smithy!

That would be a point when we will be making a 1.1 patch in the future and sure, we will consider making a blurred engine model. Basically, it should be done just like a prop disc. We will discuss that with Stephen.
Same with the sounds. We did not have any good Le Rhone sound recordings, so we used a Gnome sounds which are different, that's true, but still they giving some idea on how the rotary engine sounds.


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