Realistic flying technique

The most produced aircraft that served in World War I
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Realistic flying technique

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I read the pilot notes and the manipulation of mixture( fine adj) and fuel block tube lever when landing as opposed to blipping to keep the prop rotating. Also pilot said plane was flown full power all times. When landing how do you guys land ? I noticed when I glide in control is sloppy and I tried method of mixture cutoff usually lose too much speed. So would blipping be unrealistic when landing?

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Re: Realistic flying technique

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No, blipping the engine will be fine. Sometimes, when my speed is too high, I perform a side slip by applying, let's say, rudder to the right and stick to the left. This way I can reduce speed and altitude, if needed.
When approaching, I try to keep about 50-60 mphs and then I nose up a bit to perform 3-pt landing.

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