Some queries before purchase...

The most produced aircraft that served in World War I
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Some queries before purchase...

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Hi Lucas, one query, does the A2A 504k has the same chance of be getting the prop working on again after a dive like the Piper Cub with accusim has? I am thinking in purchase the 504k, is the blip system featured on this aircraft with the blip switch modeled and working on the VC? does it has oil smoke effects also? Is hard to be finding some videos on YouTube of the 504k, any news of a 504k A2A video? Thanks a lot!.

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Re: Some queries before purchase...

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sorry for that very late reply. The 504K does not have an Accusim module and so you can not start the engine in a dive. The model has a blip switch and no we did not model the castor oil effect :) However some oil dirt is present on a windscreen :)


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