laggy elevator

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Re: laggy elevator

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I don't know if this is real world correct or not

but I have found in sim that it helps to sloooowly come back to idle as I begin my flair

because as you say heavy nose, if I chop it then the nose really drops fast and then I tend to yank "up" and then the nose pops and then everything goes screwy at that point.

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Re: laggy elevator

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Try setting up your glide so that you are fully configured for landing at a stable speed about half a mile out with power at idle. From that point on just focus on making the landing.

No sudden movements required. Instructions don't like fast hands or fingers. :)

As part of training one will need to demonstrate that they can land on the runway from downwind at the point abeam the runway where power is reduced to idle. This is the dreaded and very common simulated engine failed that pilots will get over and over again. When you for work an instructor, your engine is going to fail! :mrgreen:

Once you get comfortable making landings, try to practice pulling the power to idle abeam the runway on downwind, be immediately establishing best glide speed and trimming for it.

Then practice judging the rate to turn 180 degrees toward the runway so that you are lined up on final and gluding in before throwing out the flaps once reaching the runway is assured.

If you get good at this, you will do well with just about any airplane as this requires you to manage energy, configuration and judge glide in varying wind conditions with reference to a point on the ground.
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Re: laggy elevator

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I am trying to flare and land the Cessna 182T in p3d v3. I am out of home for more than 3 months... I am missing my p3d v5 and msfs 2020. Anyways, I approach at 60 knots with full flaps. I level off around at 10 ft approx, eye estimation, close throttle, then when I try to get flare/climb attitude, nose of the plane does not rise, maintains level attitude and causes a three-pointer landing, can not put the main wheels first, even with full up elevator. I tried many landings. But no improvement. I use Logitech Extreme 3D pro joystick. Any suggestion?

Haseen Ahmad.

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