mixture "error" in manual

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mixture "error" in manual

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The manual:
A general rule is a 0.08% fuel to air ratio will produce the
most power. 0.08% is less than 1%, meaning for every 100
parts of air, there is just less than 1 part fuel. The best economical
mixture is 0.0625%.
I think something went wrong. The theoretical optimal mixture is 1 part fuel on 14.7 parts of air.
So 100% mixture is 14.7 parts air + 1 part fuel = 15.7 parts mixed. 1/14.7=0.068 x 100% = 6,8% so fuel is 6.8% from the mixture and 93.2% is air. But in theory, not especially for the connie.
I think your 0.0625% must be 6.25%

So I think the manual should state the optimal % is 6.25% and for every 100 parts of air you need less than 10 parts fuel.
I this just a glitch in the manual and separate from the numbers used in the code used for your accu model ?

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Re: mixture "error" in manual

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I think it is 14.7 kg of air to 1 kg of fuel.
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