CTD On Connie Only [FIXED]

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Taka taka
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CTD On Connie Only [FIXED]

Post by Taka taka »

I can load and fly and other A2A that I own (182, Cherokee & Comanche) without issue.

I select the Connie from the aircraft screen.
I click 'Fly Now.'
Everything loads as normal.
The cockpit appears and I hear the engines.
Then it freezes, my mouse cursor starts doing the circle thing and then the sound stops.
"FSX is not responding..."

Latest update
Ran configurator & input configurator.

By reading the forums further I found I have not been running FSX as an administrator.
And thanks Lewis, for the suggestion. ;)
"Spring Chicken to Shite Hawk in one easy lesson...taka taka taka taka..."

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Lewis - A2A
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Re: CTD On Connie Only [FIXED]

Post by Lewis - A2A »

Awesome sauce 8) :mrgreen:

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Re: CTD On Connie Only [FIXED]

Post by Paughco »

I was having the same problem. My A2A Comanche and T-6 were flying just fine, but the Connie wouldn't load. It would sorta load, to varying degrees, but nothing would work, and when I clicked the mouse I'd get the blue whirling circle, then the crash to desktop. I tried launching with the default F-22 and then switching to the TWA Connie, but that didn't work either. Then I checked the forum and found this thread.

This couldn't be it, because I'd already fixed the P3D shortcut on my desktop to always start in Administrator mode. Or, could it? I found that the shortcut had reverted to default non-admin mode when I switched over to P3Dv4.1. Now my P3D and AS4 shortcuts start in Admin mode. Think I'll take the Connie out for a little ride.


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Re: CTD On Connie Only [FIXED]

Post by Deckape964 »

Just checking in to let U all know this still is true in 23!
It was my problem exactly

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