Breaker behavior question.

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Breaker behavior question.

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Disclaimer: I did attempt a text search within the forum for any other posts concerning what I saw but didn't come up with anything. Apologies if this has already been answered.

Not sure whether this is a squawk, anomaly, or evidence of someone years ago performing a major alteration on my Bonanza's electrical system without a 337 filed nor IA sign-off on record. I discovered the behavior after having completed a walkaround of the aircraft and in the process of cleaning said aircraft up for departure.

What I saw:

When selecting FLAPS to UP, the three way switch triggers the flap motors and mechanical linkages to retrieve the flaps as advertised.

Flaps indicator remained at FULL DOWN during the course of the operation. Flaps visually verified fully up when observed from within cockpit. Polled breaker panel. 3A breaker labeled CLOCK / FLAP POS observed tripped. Indicator agrees with tripped breaker condition. Clock, however, remains running.

Tooltip indicates breaker is only for the indicator circuit.

Could this be a similar artistic artifact as discussed before (prop deice switch is labeled but does nothing)?

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