Different Question on Input Configurator

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Les Parson
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Different Question on Input Configurator

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(Different question so as not to confuse with Mr. Domingues, Jr.)

Does the Input Configurator require controls to be mapped by standard simulator controls (i.e. FSX/P3D)? By trial and error, the Input Configurator options don't appear to function if primary controls are mapped by FSUIPC or SPAD Next. Is that accurate?
Secondly, I've found X-Box controller I installed yesterday for view options makes several unwanted control assignments I've found very difficult to locate and delete. I'm thinking of just getting rid of the X-Box controller for views.
Does anyone know of solutions?

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Re: Different Question on Input Configurator

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Hello, the input configurator should not conflict with alternative ways of mapping controls like FSUIPC, as long as you are not trying to map the same button in several programs at once. However, it requires the option "Enable controllers" in the simulator to be checked. Otherwise it won't work.
Michael Krawczyk

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