A2A Development Update Dec 2017

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A2A Development Update Dec 2017

Post Scott - A2A »

Hello everyone, I'd like to update our community on existing and future developments at A2A Simulations.

A2A Accu-Sim aircraft
Over the past several months as we approach Christmas, we have been reading all of the excitement of an anticipated Accu-Sim release for the holidays. In early November we thought there was a better than 50% chance of getting our current Accu-Sim airplane to market by Christmas, but a few weeks ago we had a new opportunity that we could not pass up which has pushed this release into early 2018. I know many will be disappointed in this news, but I want to try and explain why this is, and show a bit more about A2A's path moving forward. We owe at least this much to our amazing community.

Our first Accu-Sim airplane, the Boeing 377 Stratocruiser took us a full year to develop as we were unknowingly laying the groundwork for a larger future platform. We immediately went into action right after release with a large Service Pack 1, which brought the technology even further. Nine years later, Accu-Sim today has little resemblance to what that aircraft was when released.

Today A2A is in a similar position as we were nine years ago, expanding our technology which includes a large amount of new technology. So 2017 will go down as the year of research and development for us, and it is our hope and expectation that both 2018 and 2019 will be the years of many releases.

Some may be surprised by the two Accu-Sim aircraft we are actively working on, with one very close to the end of it's development. What we love most about these two beauties is they have a uniqueness that makes them stand out in the crowd. By definition, Accu-Sim technology is about making things possible. This is what we enjoy about developing new airplanes because each is unique and offers a different experience which means we can bring something new to the market. These projects are our core focus, but beyond this there have been new developments outside this core focus that A2A has been investing in. Some things I can share, and others I can't due to some confidentiality agreements. We don't enjoy being quiet, but that's the nature of research and development.

Unexpected opportunity
Considering the confidentiality of this project, we unfortunately can't share even the smallest details at the moment but my hope is it won't be long before we can. We don't expect this to delay our next new Accu-Sim project that long however, but there are immediate tasks we have to do right now if we are to be successful.

New A2A website and online store are on the way
We have created new integrated website and online store, which is under the last steps of development and we hope to go live in early 2018.

The greatest warbird simulator in the world
The Boultbee Flight Academy http://www.boultbeeflightacademy.co.uk/ that operates a Spitfire out of the Goodwood Aerodome in the UK is developing a crazy good simulator, that is built from an actual Spitfire fuselage and cockpit donated by Rolls Royce. This project is the brainchild of our good friend and also very talented (and determined) Richard Banks at Airtech Simulations https://www.facebook.com/airtechsim/ . It is using Accu-Sim technology, and together with his amazing work, it's going to be the most advanced Warbird simulator in the world. And it is not that far away.

Commercial flight training
There has been an increasingly big demand for Accu-Sim in the commercial training space. One of the leading companies in commercial flight simulation training, Redbird Flight Simulators, has licensed our Accu-Sim technology and has begun rolling our C172 Trainer to all of it's simulators via a new training program called GIFT. https://simulators.redbirdflight.com/ . Also, at Air Venture 2017, we debuted a new and very impressive Cessna style cockpit created by Virtual Fly that is also powered by Accu-Sim. https://www.virtual-fly.com/en/ There are also some very interesting and creative training products and programs currently reaching out to A2A for our Accu-Sim technology. We're always happy to work with anyone interested in improving flight simulation wherever that is.

While the home flight simmer continues to benefit from any work done on the professional side, the reverse is actually more true as the moment Accu-Sim was released many years back it immediately meant that an Accu-Sim powered home simulator was the most accurate and advanced simulator of it's kind in the world. Now with Accu-Sim finally proliferating out among commercial grade simulators, the gap between these certified simulators and the home hobbyist desktop using Accu-Sim is negligible.

Lockheed Martin Prepar3Dv4 rollout
We've brought on a new partner who is currently re-structuring our entire installation process so that it supports all the new technologies available, and this will help us roll out our entire Accu-Sim fleet to Lockheed Martin's Prepar3Dv4. This is a rather slow and long process but it is moving forward. The Spitfire MkI-II is still planned to be the first out the door leading the way for many more P3Dv4 releases in 2018.

A2A Boeing 377 and the Berlin Airlift C-97
Our close friend Tim Choppe, owner of a Boeing C-97 Stratofreighter (only one flying in the world) has been using our 377 simulator to train while he has been re-building and readying his C-97 for the first flight in 17 years. Tim has been training me (Scott) to fly his 4-engine Douglas C-54, and now with the C-97 flying there will be a lot of research being done on a real C-97. Who knows, we may have some updates for our 377 coming down the road with the new data, but regardless having access to this big thundering legend is going to be a treasure trove of information and research for Accu-Sim.
http://a2asimulations.com/forum/viewtop ... 23&t=62174

Final Word
The above accounts for roughly 2/3rds of the entire story, as we are also forming and nursing some other projects in the very early stages. Like animals that are born in the wild, some don't last for very long and others grow strong to live long and healthy lives. This is what we do at A2A. We dream and do our best to bring them to life. And thank you everyone, as there is no better place to be than in the flight simulation and aviation community. We are intelligent, rugged, opinionated, and fiercely independent. We at A2A wish everyone in our worldwide community to have a very healthy and happy Christmas and Holiday season.

- The A2A Team
A2A Simulations Inc.

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Re: A2A Development Update Dec 2017

Post Jacques »

I just have to add that watching Tim Choppe fly away from Floyd Bennett Field was a very cool and inspiring sight to see! To hear Tim state that flying her in real life was just like flying the 377 that Scott and the team created? Well...I guess all of A2A must have been over the moon! I know their exhaustive research and modeling has been validated by the real aircraft in the P-51, the Texan and others which they've been able to fly and tweak according to the numbers and actual experience. But this is an absolute confirmation that the process of creating an accusim aircraft does, in fact, work! I feel like I just watched a bit of magic, right before my very eyes! Congratulations, guys!

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Re: A2A Development Update Dec 2017

Post AKar »

Great news, thanks for the update! I don't mind the release slipping to the 2018, I'm sure we all benefit from the 'delay' in the long term.

I don't remember since how long I've been predicting in my head, and seeing it coming true, that the virtual flying and the real aviation will slowly but surely converge. No wonder the A2A is in the tip of that development. In as soon as in two decades, I believe the fields have been thoroughly interleaved. There will be airplanes without pilots but also pilots without airplanes.


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Re: A2A Development Update Dec 2017

Post Tomas Linnet »

Thanks for the update! I'll still be around when you release something.

My best wishes for you and yours!
Kind Regards

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Re: A2A Development Update Dec 2017

Post Paul K »

It's reassuring for us in the home flight-simulator community that A2A continues to prosper. Good news Scott.

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Re: A2A Development Update Dec 2017

Post bobsk8 »

A2A is the gold standard. Everything else is a distant 2nd.
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Re: A2A Development Update Dec 2017

Post patful »

bobsk8 wrote:A2A is the gold standard. Everything else is a distant 2nd.
Exactly. I refuse to buy any other company's aircraft now, so I'll sadly be saving some money this Christmas. :D

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Re: A2A Development Update Dec 2017

Post bladerunner900 »

I shall go into hibernation until the spring. (If only)
"Patience young Grasshopper!"

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Re: A2A Development Update Dec 2017

Post Medtner »

I love that A2A is more involved with professional partners - it speaks volumes for the fidelity that we have already come to love, and also the future new features we may get.

How about doing a tease like you did with the Connie? Just a hint of a screenshot of an instrument, or a bit of the fuselage? We're so curious here! :-D
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Re: A2A Development Update Dec 2017

Post shortspecialbus »

Thanks for the update! I'm really missing the spit, so super excited for that.

Good luck with all the projects!


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Re: A2A Development Update Dec 2017

Post Paughco »

bobsk8 wrote:A2A is the gold standard. Everything else is a distant 2nd.
My sentiments exactly. Thank you for the update. Keep up the great work!


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Re: A2A Development Update Dec 2017

Post crippy »

This is great and exciting news!

As a customer, I would gladly wait longer rather than receive unfinished or rushed products like other companies have done in the past.
A2A quality is the best regardless of how long it takes.

This sounds like a very promising opportunity for A2A!
Can't wait to see what the future holds
Its a good time to be an A2A customer! :)
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Re: A2A Development Update Dec 2017

Post Lufthansa 380 »

Great to hear that you guys are still pushing your limits. Because as we all know only the sky's the limit. :wink: As for the next Accusim planes to come out - you can't imagine how excited everyone is for those. Is there even a slight chance we might see a "in development" video showing off the one that is the closes to release or is this a thing of the past? :cry:
I really hope to get my civ. mustang back in v4 and maybe (and hopefully) a proper Accusim twin! 8) Whatever it is, it surealy will surpass everything we know so far.

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Re: A2A Development Update Dec 2017

Post n421nj »

Thank you for the update. I can rest easy until 2018 knowing I won’t miss anything.

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Re: A2A Development Update Dec 2017

Post RichardFS »

Please be a Douglas
Please be a Douglas
Please be a Douglas

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