Draco Has Crashed

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Draco Has Crashed

Post WB_FlashOver »

:cry: :cry: :cry:
I don't know how many follow Mike Patey and his fabulous creation Draco. I love watching his videos and the engineering that he puts into his STOL.

Yesterday Mike crashed Draco and posted a video of it. I know there are guidelines about posting aircraft accidents. I believe this falls well within those guidelines and is a good learning tool for pilots.

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Buffy Foster

Re: Draco Has Crashed

Post Buffy Foster »

I saw that yeah. :'( I'm glad everybody came out safe and, yeah, I hope ppl learn from Mike's video. Plus I respect him saying, "Folks, it was 100% MY OWN FAULT."

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Re: Draco Has Crashed

Post DHenriquesA2A »

Mike is a first class guy and an engineering and fabrication genius. He made a mistake and within hours did a video saying just that.
It only takes a second's indecision to turn a great week into a bad day. Mike wanted to make sure what happened might do some good for another pilot; thus the video. Mike knows full well how well known he is. It took guts to video to the entire nation that he made a mistake. He's the kind of person you want in aviation.
I'd fly with Mike tomorrow and told him so yesterday.
Dudley Henriques

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Re: Draco Has Crashed

Post AKar »

Damn, too bad to see all the effort in that shape. Yet, (sh)it occasionally happens, and the best kind of crashes are those from which everyone come out unharmed.


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Re: Draco Has Crashed

Post awash2002 »

I saw that plane at Oshkosh this year and talked with Mike to he is a great guy

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Re: Draco Has Crashed

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An example of how raw horsepower was mistaken for skilled airmanship.

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