Can a painter make me a sign for a hangar in P3Dv5.1?

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Can a painter make me a sign for a hangar in P3Dv5.1?

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I would love to have a sign that existed years ago on the outside of the Delaware ANG hangar at KILG on the wall of that building if that can be done easily by one of you guys who do the wonderful painting around here. Is it a lot of trouble to do that?
I can email you a picture of the exact building and its location on the airport along with the single line of text for the sign.
If someone can do this can you email me at [email protected] and I'll send you the two files that describe everything.
Someone did this for me for FSX but of course that won't work in P3D v 5.1 that I have now.
Many thanks if this can be done without much bother for you.
The sign is simply as follows; 142nd FTR SQD DELAWARE ANG ELEV 80FT. I have a jpg showing the exact location on the outside hangar wall I'll send you along with the Airport Diagram showing the exact building and where it is located.
Dudley Henriques

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