GPU Driver & C++ 2015-2019 Inquiry

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GPU Driver & C++ 2015-2019 Inquiry

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Hello PC and software guru's.
I was so excited two days ago when the B-17 for P3D hit the store. All the more excited for the A2A holiday sale. I picked up the Bonanza while there as well. I installed the B-17, assigned controls and set out on a flight. All was good and my heart was warmed 8) .

After landing I installed the Bonanza and started setting controls. I started noticing terrible FPS and lag. I didn't pay much attention thinking that a reboot was needed but that didn't work. I then glanced at GPU-Z. The core clock was running normal at 2062 MHz turbo, the GPU load was 100% but the Memory clock was at 101.3 MHz and would not ramp up. It should be over 1600 MHz.

I used DDU and reinstalled the latest GPU driver. I have installed an older driver. The memory clock will ramp up after a reboot for a few seconds then drop to 101.3 and not move. It does not matter what program I run, i.e. P3D or GPU stress test Unigine Heaven or the like. My only cure is to open Nvidia Control Panel and set Power Management Mode to 'Prefer maximum performance' under global settings. This works but the card runs hard all the time now. Under water I am not too worried but still....

The plane installers install the latest C++ 2015-2019 redistributable. Is there a chance that this software is causing an issue with my GPU driver or Nvidia CPL? I thought of uninstalling the latest C++ software but figured I'd ask those smarter than me first.

Windows 10 Pro v20H2 build 19042.685
Other computer specs are in signature.

Cheers and thank
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