Boost cutout override principle at not full open throttle?

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Boost cutout override principle at not full open throttle?

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I think, this goes directly to Killratio :wink:
I guess, with full open throttle and the supercharger and engine being able to produce more than the set maximum boost pressure, the excessive pressure is simply vented outside leaving the MAP a the maximum.
I'm wondering how the boost cut out override is functioning when not having full open throttle.

I was i nthe MkIa 2-position-airscrew at about 13.000ft and having set around 2100 rpm with -1 boost.

Flipping the boost cutout handle forward without moving the throttle lever, the MAP dropped down so did the rpm.

What's causing this? I thought the boost cut out override simply stops venting excessive pressure, but without excessive pressure, there should be nothing to vent and MAP should stay the same? I think, I'm totally wring here?

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