Friday Nov 6th - Italian Tour Leg Six

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Friday Nov 6th - Italian Tour Leg Six

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Leg Six will see us start the return portion of the tour with a flight from Brindisi to Perugia. This takes us from the Adriatic Sea Coast up through the spine of the Country. The flight is 306nm with a time around 2hrs 02mins. Back in the Bonanza for this one.

Meet 1845z
Take Off 1900z
Sim time 0900
Weather Real or custom if bad.
Network JoinFS
Server Digital Themepark
Comms A2A Discord.

Sim : P3dv5
Scenery : ORBX Global, OpenLC Europe, Trees HD.
Weather : Active Sky
Clouds : ASCA
Airports : LIBR - RFSB : LIRQ - RFSB ... 33E%20LIRZ

Spitfire I & II : P-51 Mil & Civ : L-049 : C172 : C182 : PA-24 : PA-28 : T-6 : P-40 : V35B : J-3

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