Friday, November 27, 2020 - The Long Way Down

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Friday, November 27, 2020 - The Long Way Down

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Fellow Misfits and Misfit Wannabes: Y'know how our Friday flights are typically made up of legs of a fairly long flight? Well, this one is gonna be a real doozy. Why don't we fly from the far North of North America down to the very tip of South America? We don't want it to take all year, so we'll need something really fast; this seems like a flight that is just made for the P-51 Mustang.

Here's the SkyVector map of the overall flight: ... GYP%20SAWH.

I'm calling it "The Long Way Down," or LWD for short. I'll be planning each leg of the flight over the week before we fly it, so it'll vary a bit from that preliminary overview.

The first flight of the LWD flight is a straight shot from Wiley Post-Will Rogers Memorial (PABR) in Barrow, Alaska, down to Dawson City (CYDA), in Yukon Territory, Canada. Here's the SkyVector route for LWD01: ... FYU%20CYDA.

Meet: 1845z or earlier to check out your airplane, warm it up, etc.
Take Off: 1900z
Sim time for take off: 1200 local
Weather: Real, Historical for the time and date of our flight, or custom if bad.
Network: JoinFS
Server: Digital Themepark
Comms: A2A Discord.

The reason we're taking off at local noon is because of the near darkness due to extreme North latitude, and it's almost winter up there. Keep your bear spray handy while walking from flight ops to your airplane and during preflight, as polar bears have been seen wandering around the strip. It'll be lighter down at Dawson City, but we'll want to boogie on down there because there are no runway lights. Distance for LWD01 is 592 miles, and will take about 2 h 25 m at a ground speed of 245 knots. Block fuel is 165 gallons. Make sure your oxygen is full, because the plan is to climb up to a cruise altitude of FL20+ or so, depending upon winds aloft.

The scenery on the first leg won't be very spectacular, but it'll be the perfect way for those of us who are new in the Mustang to get familiar with that wonderful aircraft.

LWD02 is currently planned from CYDA down to Juneau, Alaska, and the scenery should be better on that one.


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