Sunday 3rd January 2021 MP Flight - Tasmania re-visited

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Sunday 3rd January 2021 MP Flight - Tasmania re-visited

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To start off the new year Sunday night flights, and having been volunteered :shock: , I thought that we should give the Cubs some exercise. In the continuing search for the elusive and reclusive Tasmanian Devil I plumped for Tasmania again in the hope of a leisurely one and a quarter hour flight.

We depart from Queenstown, YQNS - the destination from our last excursion down under, and head north/north westwards up to YWYY Wynard airport.

Meet between 18:30 -18:45 UTC
Depart 19:00 UTC
Comms: A2A Discord MP channel 1
Weather real or in the likely event being bad or low cloud fair.
Sim time set for 10:00am as then we should arrive in time for lunch.

Sky Vector link below. ... 36E%20YWYY

Also I have not yet test flown this flight so I shall be as much in the dark as every member of the squadron who turns up.

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