Rocky Mountains “Sawtooth” Weekend Achievement Flights

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Rocky Mountains “Sawtooth” Weekend Achievement Flights

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What: Rocky Mountains “Sawtooth” Weekend Achievement Flights
When: Saturdays, Starting Jan 16th, 8am PST, 11am EST, 1600 UTC
Where: TeamSpeak3, connect to
Additional Info:

*** Earn your next achievement badge ***

Join us for group flights in Microsoft Flight Simulator, P3D, FSX, or X-Plane following rivers and valleys in Idaho and Montana. If you already have the "Sawtooth" achievement, you may want to fly these again. Phil "Griphos" over at DigitalThemePark has revamped these flights. You will want to consider your aircraft of choice carefully!

Welcome to the Rocky Mountains “Sawtooth” Achievement Flights set in beautiful central Idaho. This set of flights will tour, at below canyon rim level, the many scenic and narrow river canyons in this area, including the canyons of the Salmon, Snake and Yellowstone Rivers.

This is a bush country route. Some of the backcountry strips are extremely challenging: very short with difficult approaches. This calls for your best bush plane. You will need a plane that can take off and land in strips of as little as 1200 feet, climb to 10,000 feet occasionally, and, ideally, cruise around 100 kts, at least for the later legs.

Note: We suggest getting connected before the event in order to make sure your headset fully works, and familiar with TeamSpeak. Download TeamSpeak at
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