Scenery and repaints

Britain's premier front line fighter of World War II
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Scenery and repaints

Post by daniel23185 »

G'day all,
Whata gorgeous aeroplane, Just wondering if anyone can point me in the direction of some period scenery to fly this fella from? Also is there somewhere I can download some repaints for it from? Does anyone know what happened to photoreal repaint that was happening? From the screenshot I saw it looked awesome, just wondering if it ever got finished.
Thanks, Daniel

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Re: Scenery and repaints

Post by Lewis - A2A »

Ians dones a few WW2 airfields, and a couple of none WW2 ones that are worth having.
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Re: Scenery and repaints

Post by Ian P »

I'll add to this one rather than starting a new thread, because this one is just a bit of silliness, really, but highly appropriate to the Spitfire.

I've just zipped up a "half scenery" of RAF Friston on the South Coast of England. By which I mean literally on the South Coast - it's atop the chalk cliffs of the South Downs.

Unfortunately FSX doesn't do the South Downs very well and, because airports can only be flat (which Friston very definitely isn't!), I can't put in a runway, taxiways or parking/starting points. That's why I'm only calling this a "half scenery" and version 0.1. That also means there's no readme (Install = "chuck the enclosed directory in Addon Scenery and add it to your scenery library"). You'll need the RAF WW2 Buildings by Bill Womack* and the RAF Small Buildings library by Ted Andrews** to see the bits scattered around the edges.

The historical background is that Friston was a private landing ground pre-World War II and was taken over by the RAF in 1940 for use as an Emergency Landing Ground. Although it became an operational station, home to Spitfires, Hurricanes and Mustangs at various times, it never had any real facilities and never got away from ELG status either, with all sort of things turning up with bits hanging off or just plain missing from them.

After being struck off in 1946, it was briefly used by gliders but is now returned to agriculture. You can, however, still easily see the field from the air if you know where to look.

* - If you have the RAS Spitfire pack, or my Hixon or Digby sceneries, you'll have this already.
** - Avsim, or the "Ted Andrews" link on my site at

If your eyesight is far too good and you spot the Austin K2Ys and AEC Matadors lurking in a couple of those shots, they are not included with the scenery. The textures are still very much WIP and the Matadors are, well, glowing yellow at the moment, to be quite frank! :|

Download Link: ...





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