Holiday pricing for the SNJ

The world's most popular advanced trainer of WWII
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Holiday pricing for the SNJ

Post by Oldnavy »

I was so hoping for a holiday discount for the A2A SNJ/T6 for P3D but alas.... it doesn't look like it is gonna happen. At least not for the 2023 holidays.

I keep checking to see if any other sellers have it on sale and here at A2A as well. Bummer! I would of thought with MSFS ruling the popularity roost that
there would of been some kind of discount for the P3D version. Some of the other devs divorced themselves from P3D and either gave their stuff away or
gave a deep discount....not A2A.... At least they were generous with the P40 and I do appreciate that much.

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Re: Holiday pricing for the SNJ

Post by Lewis - A2A »

Sorry, no sale planned. Whilst we have ceased P3D consumer development we still believe the products to be super value and just because a new platform is out doesnt mean the P3D sims are not still relevant and to be frank still yet to be topped on the new platform :lol:

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Re: Holiday pricing for the SNJ

Post by Paughco »

Look at the bright side - the A2A P-40 is free! If you download the free P-40 and then buy the T-6 at retail, you're getting two great A2A aircraft for the price of one!

Plus, think about this: Tomorrow I'm going to be flying my A2A T-6 with the Misfit Squadron, in a multi-player flight through the valleys and canyons of Western Croatia, Slovenia, and Italy The flight is intended for slow GA, such as the A2A Cherokee or 172, but the T-6 will work just fine (we'll have a total blast, but there will be absolutely ZERO entertainment per the requirements of Academic P3D). :roll:

Here's my T-6:


You could be on our upcoming flight!

Every day that you let go by waiting to find a cheaper A2A T-6 is another day that you will never be able to fly this magnicent airplane. No amount of money can replace those lost hours.


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