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Troubleshooting FAQ

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Troubleshooting FAQ

- Aircraft
- Accu-Sim Pack
- Accu-Sim Update: ... 23&t=41279

Here is the start of a Troubleshooting FAQ for new users. If anyone has anything to add, please just post and I will add it.

Your Microsoft Flight Simulator X must either up to Microsoft FSX Service Pack 2 or the Microsoft Acceleration expansion pack installed.
If you do not have either, then first install Microsoft Flight Simulator X Service Pack 1: ... aae2f0409e
Then the Service Pack 2: ... Pack2.aspx
(The Windows user must have ADMIN rights before installing the product)

Flight model sliders - FULL RIGHT
Enable Auto-mixture – OFF
Auto-rudder - OFF
Engine stress damages engine - OFF

Advanced Animations - ON

Sensitivities (all controllers) - FULL RIGHT
Null Zones (all controllers) - FULL LEFT

When I select the P-40 and choose FLY, FSX crashes

1. We have had one report of this with the Spitfire, and this was related to Windows sound driver conflicts. Check this thread: ... 4&start=15

2. You must have the latest directX installed, which automatically runs at the end of the Wings of POWER III: P-40 install. If you chose not to run it, you can run it from here: ... laylang=en

For those on slower broadband or offline machines you can download the following 96MB package for transfer to any offline and slow connection PC (full redistributable package for Direct-X 9.0C (June 2010): ... redist.exe

I get a NIL value error
This can be due to a corrupt flight. Once you have it loaded properly, try saving the flight as default, over-writing the default flight you have.

My aircraft will not bank and aggressively returns to the center
Go to the Realism menu (Aircraft -> Realism Settings) and make absolutely sure that the General Realism slider is set all the way to the right. ... 2&start=15

After I takeoff, I do not have full rudder control
Go to the Realism menu (Aircraft -> Realism Settings) and make absolutely sure that the Autorudder is NOT checked

My plane does not fly right and I have Passenger's X Installed
1. ... 62&t=19341
“When you star loading passengers, Click on "Flight & aircraft settings" and in "Disable payload weight and fuel update" select "weight and fuel disabled". This will mean that fuel and weight load will be read from whatever you set up with accusim, and not default FSP X payload model. So you center of gravity and other parameters will be correct.

2. Microsoft FSX can throw some unexpected turbulence your way. Also, the aircraft can be a bit unstable on the roll. Try setting your weather to CLEAR SKIES


My sound is stuttering
Make an exception for the entire Microsoft FSX install directory in your anti-virus software.
If you have Microsoft Security Essentials, be sure to make the exception as follows:


My Aftercoolant does not stay full
Exit FSX, go to your Microsoft Windows DOCUMENTS / A2A / P-40 folder and delete your P40log.dat. Restart FSX.

I cannot see my 2D Panels
Open your SETTINGS / CUSTOMIZE / AIRCRAFT and make sure your 2-D Panel Transparency is moved all the way to the left (0%).

I have tons of engine smoke that won't go away
- In Game Settings / Customize, check that Auto-mixture – OFF
- You may have accidentally hit the "i" key (smoke key in FSX)

Miscosoft FSX Simconnect is necessary for all advanced programming to work properly. It can get corrupt from time to time and needs to be restored.

How to fix SimConnect:
You can test if simconnect is working by opening up the default Cessna 172 and check to see if you have gauges. If you do not have gauges, then SimConnect is probably not working.

- Run the Microsoft DirectX installer here: ... x?id=34429
- Run the Microsoft FSX Simconnect installer here: ... onnect.msi
- Reboot your computer

To fix Simconnect, do the following (thanks to Aerosoft for posting these instructions):
- Go to the Control Panel / Add-remove programs.
- Ensure You have "show all updates" enabled.
- Find and select "Microsoft Flight Simultor X SP2".
- Click "Remove" and confirm that You will unistall SP2.

At this point You might not be able to find Your "Microsoft Flight Simultor X" entry in the Add/remove list, so.......

-Close the Add/remove program window and open it again.
-Find and select "Microsoft Flight Simultor X SP1".
-Click "Remove" and confirm that You will uninstall SP1 (might require FSX Disk 1).
-Go to this folder:


-Delete these entries 3:

- Insert Your "Microsoft Flight Simultor X" Disk 1.
- Run Setup from the root folder on the CD.
- Select "Repair" and ok. It can take a longtime to finish and progrees might seem as if it has haltet. Just wait until it finishes.
- Install SP1.
- Install SP2.

Simconnect has now been restored.

If you are one of the very few experiencing an issue that we have not yet come across, and is therefore not listed in this FAQ, please do the following:

Download and run this utility: ... Dr_A2A.exe

A little black window will appear with a blinking cursor. This will take about 60 seconds or more to complete. Once this is done, you will have a "Dr_A2A_Report" file next to the Dr_A2A.exe program. Email this to doctor[at]
A2A Simulations Inc.

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