looking for help please

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looking for help please

Post by markkeith »

I would like to know how to start free flight, on the P-40 accu-sim P40 FXS.
Im an old guy doing my best for my handicapped son , Took me a half hour to register myself.
Most of all the other planes start to move when the throttle engaged. free flight.
This one was expensive and I thought we might try to get it working.
Grateful for any suggestions, good karma to you.

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Re: looking for help please

Post by Nick - A2A »

Hello and welcome to the A2A forums.

If you're using the Accu-Sim P-40 in FSX, the first thing to check is have you installed the latest update? It's available here.

Other than that, have you tried the 'autostart' option (Ctrl E) if you're having difficulty getting the P-40 up and running? If this works, but you're having issues with a manual engine start it's probably just something missing in your start-up procedure which you'll need to change.

In this case, if you can describe your start-up procedure in a bit more detail, we can certainly try to help.
markkeith wrote: 07 Nov 2020, 19:53 This one was expensive and I thought we might try to get it working.
Do you mean the P-40 itself was expensive? It's been available from our store for free for several months now as mentioned here. Where did you purchase from?

A2A Simulations Inc.

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