Friday 20th November - Italian Tour Leg Eight

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Friday 20th November - Italian Tour Leg Eight

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So to the final leg of our current tour. It's a 361 mile flight through the Italian Alps from Trieste to Milan. The route will take us through the regions valley's and over some of the most spectacular mountain passes there are in the world. There are a couple of airports along the route but for the most part it's fairly remote so make sure you have enough fuel. The highest point is over the Stelvio Pass at 10,000 feet. After that it's down to Lake Como, the Monza F1 track and into our final stop Milan Linate.

Meet 1845z
Take Off 1900z
Sim time 0900
Weather Real or custom if bad.
Network JoinFS
Server Digital Themepark
Comms A2A Discord.

Sim : P3dv5
Scenery : ORBX Global, OpenLC Europe, Trees HD.
Weather : Active Sky
Clouds : ASCA
Airports : LIPQ from RFSB.
LIML from Jetstream designs ... 17E%20LIML

Spitfire I & II : P-51 Mil & Civ : L-049 : C172 : C182 : PA-24 : PA-28 : T-6 : P-40 : V35B : J-3

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