Sunday, 10 January 2021 - B-17 Training Flight

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Sunday, 10 January 2021 - B-17 Training Flight

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Guys: Our Mission For next Sunday is a training flight in our B-17s. Our B-17s will be loaded with a default light fuel load and a full load of AN/SSQ-62F DICASS sonobuoys in the bomb bay. If you don't have a B-17, you can fly along in any warbird that can keep up.

We'll take off from Travis Air Force Base and climb to 8,500 feet as we head for the Santa Rosa VOR (STS). We will attempt to form up into a semblance of formation during this leg. After crossing STS, we will turn left to a bearing of 209 degM and begin a descent to 1,100 feet ASL approximately 3 miles west of the tip of Point Reyes. We will continue on a bearing of 180 degM to our IP, which is just inside the northern extent of the Farallon National Wildlife Refuge. We cannot descend below 1,000 feet anywhere within the FNWR. At the IP we will turn left to bearing 118 degM, heading directly for the Farallon Islands. Open bomb bay doors and be ready with the pickle. We will fly one counter-clockwise curcuit around the Farallons, including Seal Rock to the south, with each of us dropping our sonobuoys in turn, hopefully establishing a curtain of sonobuoys around the island complex. From there we clean up the aircraft and egress on a course of 62 degM, toward the Golden Gate Bridge. We will fly underneath the bridge, then fly over Alcatraz Island, whereupon we will turn left to course 028 degM, finishing our flight back where we started, at Travis AFB.

Meet: 1830z or earlier to check out your airplane, warm it up, etc.
Take Off: 1900z
Sim time for take off: 1100 local
Weather: Real, Historical for the time and date of our flight, or clear if bad.
Network: JoinFS
Server: Digital Themepark
Comms: A2A Discord.

Here's the SkyVector link: ... TTS%20KSUU.

I'll post a similar message about this flight on the MP Section of the A2A Discord Channel, which will include the flight plan in .pln format.


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