Spit Reinstall to P3Dv5 Problem...

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Spit Reinstall to P3Dv5 Problem...

Post by geauxken09 »

I installed Spitfire to wrong install path and tried to reinstall to correct path but am unsuccessful because installer defaults to original (incorrect) install path and will not allow me to change to my desired path. I have two other A2A A/C in P3Dv5 and am aware the Spit should go in the same folder.

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Re: Spit Reinstall to P3Dv5 Problem...

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Assuming you have the latest installer, it should have detected the existing installation path for the other two A2A aircraft which you have installed in the sim.

If this didn't happen for some reason, I recommend that you check if the incorrect install folder that was created for the Spitfire is still present after the uninstallation. If it is, please can you manually delete this folder, and then restart Prepar3D which will cause the sim to refresh its add-ons.cfg files. After doing this, the installer should detect the correct path for your existing A2A aircraft.

If this isn't successful, please can you let us know exactly what path the installer is detecting and preventing you from changing.

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